Where Freedom Finds it's Edge



Woman doing yoga on a cliff.

Filosophy was born out of two people's need to exercise Freedom and Independence in their lives. In the beginning we were not thinking about concepts like fair trade, or social justice. We were just wondering how we could put our lives in America on hold for a year, to live in another country without working. We wanted to feel alive again and inspired to grow and experience another culture, another perspective, another us.

We asked ourselves to consider what life would be like outside the bounds of our traditional working life in America? We pondered what we would be giving up in exchange for what we might experience. We dreamt of having time to read and meditate and prepare meals and spend time learning things just cause we were curious. Those fantasies put into motion a string of events that led us to quit our jobs and to move to Thailand.

In the moment we did not know how we would do it, but the universe if funny that way. When you are clear with your intentions, doors open. Then it's up to you to stand of the edge of the cliff, say your prayers...then jump. #timefreedom, #giveupyourdayjob, #travellifestyle, #filosophyjewelry, #freelosophy

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