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About Us

Filosophy jewelry was designed for the woman who is both socially and fashionably conscious. The designs were created for the smart, creative, independent and free spirited woman who want to express their ultimate femininity, their sensuality and their own personal style with their jewelry.   With Filosophy jewelry, fashion meets fair trade.  Not only will you will experience the benefit of wearing unique handmade quality jewelry, but you can know that your purchase supports freedom and independence for the artisans who make it.
I am extremely passionate about helping people to live the life of their dreams. After following my dream of living for a year in Thailand, I discovered my path which was that of an entrepreneur.  
I began working with women artisans there in Thailand who, through their own determination, were living their craft instead of succumbing to “wifery,” meaning marriage to a foreigner, no matter how repulsive, just to support their family, or worse - work in sex trade industry.
I saw their hard work ethic, and fierce strength. Their intricate hand tying abilities and their creative styles sparked something in me and inspired me to begin designing jewelry.  
  In 2009 we began a Fair Trade company called filosophy.  Where it is our philosophy to create a world where there is time freedom to live an inspired life. Where people feel empowered to live the life of their dreams.   And my intension is that with every piece of jewelry I design, I am creating this reality for myself, for the women I work with, and for the businesses who work with me.