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The Filosophy Story

My mom was the original rebel in my life, defying the norms of society was a fundamental expectation in our home. The day she turned 21, she set out on a nine-year European journey that would change her life and the way she would parent me. Growing up, my mom’s message was always the same: Do what makes you happy, answer to no one, and for God’s sake...TRAVEL!  Her unique view of the world, boldness, and bravery, inspired my life and the soul of Filosophy.

The inspiration for Filosophy came to me in 2009, the year I quit my job as a therapist to move to Thailand for a year of freedom, adventure, and self-discovery. The pace of my life had become so unmanageable I needed out. I was ready for a change, but I had no idea it would change me forever.

Travelling wasn’t new to me, but living in a community with so many interesting people who had achieved a life of unbridled freedom--one without alarm clocks, 30-minute lunch breaks, or itchy dress pants was. They were yogis, seekers, spiritual nomads, and freethinkers living an alternative lifestyle. Many had moved away from the conventional expectations of society to create an authentic life they loved. Instead of following everyone else’s agenda, they wrote their own by exchanging their material possessions for wealth no money could buy-- but they had time to live.

I wanted what they had, and I had an idea for a business that would help me achieve it: enter Filosophy. I hadn’t a clue how to create a real business, but because I’d become obsessed with hunting handmade jewelry at the artisan markets in Thailand and other places I had traveled, I decided to turn this passion into a core component of the business; a business that would require me to work in Thailand. I figured we would sell what we found in the markets to our friends, and use that money to return the following year to Thailand and do it all again. The plan worked! Soon, our home parties turned into farmer’s markets, and the farmer’s markets turned into festivals. It was at the festivals we found our tribe and it was at the festivals we found our stride. Inspired by the rebels, the nomads, and one’s who live life differently, we began designing for them.

Now, I am a nomad, a yogi, a spiritual warrior I once admired, and I have created a life that suits me perfectly. Filosophy runs full throttle, five months a year. We tour the mountain towns of Colorado with our booth in tow, working hard, and enjoying the festival life. Three months a year is for international traveling, treasure hunting, and designing. The rest of the year is for painting, hiking, working on other projects, receiving merchandise, and preparing for the next season. I love this schedule. It allows me to do everything I want to do. I realize that’s really the essence of Filosophy: do what makes you happy, don’t answer to anyone, and for God’s