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Our collections are for the rebels, the nomads, the ones who do it differently.  



Crocheted Poncho - Plum


Fairy Dress - Sage | Nude


Long Maxi Dress - Teal


Chevron Wire Wrapped Metal Pendant


Tie Dye Long Sleeved Open Shoulder Top - Black | Brown Tie Dye


Hammered Brass Hoop Earrings


Gypsy Skirt - Dark Red


Tie Dye Twist in Front Dress - Black | Cream Tie Dye


Triple Triangle Necklace - Gold

Your Choices Matter...This is NOT Political - Filosophy

Your Choices Matter...This is NOT Political

It seemed as though we had a few options: We could park the whole business till next season and hope we had enough savings to carry us through, we could build out a Schoolie, live in the bus and travel, minimizing our expenses and shrinking down as small as we could or we could put on our grown up pants and try with everything we had to build an ecommerce business with all the merchandise we had just purchased.  

The New View of Our Reality

I needed to feel some peace after stirring inside all night about the condition of our country, our politics and all the fear, hatred and division going on around me.

Fear seemed to have gotten the best of me lately because I have resorted to yelling and arguing with people I consider close friends, defending what I believe to be right, just and fair for our country.

The New View of Our Reality - Filosophy
The Stone Of Transformation - Filosophy

The Stone Of Transformation

I discovered labradorite is the stone of transformation. This stone is a companion stone when you’re in the midst of a huge change. It’s a stone to support you during a time in your life when you say, enough is enough, I’m ready to do something different.  That’s when this stone becomes very valuable to you.