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Tourmaline Slide Chain Bracelet

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Handmade, fairtrade

DESCRIPTION: This is a tourmaline gemstone bracelet on an 18k, gold plated, anti-tarnish, slide chain.

COLOR PALLET: The deep purple and pink colors will look especially great on people with warm autumn coloring. This means burgundy or strawberry blond hair, warm eyes, like green or amber. Your coloring should be rich and saturated to look great with this bracelet. The style is minimalist and understated but can be combined with other bracelets in the green olive or sage pallet to really create a statement.

Combine it with the beautiful Wide Leg Dance Pants for a total look! Click on the link 

THE HEALING PROPERTIES: The healing properties of tourmaline are known for balancing, enhancing, and removing blockages of energy. Tourmaline is wonderful for happiness and serenity.

An easy to wear, go-to necklace that we all love at Filosophy is the Tourmaline Bar Necklace with a Rose Gold chain.  "Fire in your soul, courage in your heart the power is within you!"


  • Tourmaline
  • Rose Gold Slide Chain


  • 5" x 0.8"