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Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet with Citrine Teardrop Pendant

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Fairtrade, Handmade

This is sodalite beaded bracelet with a faceted citrine teardrop center piece. It features natural gemstones, 18K gold anti tarnish beads, and silk cord. The bracelet pops because there is a contrast between the blue color in the sodalite gemstone and the bright sparkle in the citrine teardrop. Wear this with your favorite blue jeans and your sexy honey-colored leather gladiator sandals and go for a simple boho-chic look.

THE HEALING PROPERTIES: Sodalite is wonderful to bring order to your thoughts and helps you analyze your situation with an objective mind. Meanwhile, Citrine is the life boosting stone. Wear it to increase your enjoyment in life. When you wear it you will attract happy people, prosperity and creativity. With this combination, you will feel empowered.

THIS WILL LOOK BEST ON: People with Deep Autumn coloring. This is someone with dark olive, or dark brown eyes or dark auburn or dark brown hair and pink or olive skin. The citrine teardrop gemstone complements your natural skin and hair color, making it look brighter, at the same time, you will be able to wear a hint of an intense color like the deep blue without overpowering you. Wear it with your tight blue jeans, your honey-colored leather sandals, and your flowy white cotton peasant top and you will look like a star!


  • Sodalite, Faceted Citrine Teardrop CZ
  • 18k gold plated beads with anti tarnish
  • Dark Blue Silk Cord


Adjustable 5.12" + 2.36 Extra Cord


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