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Scarf Necklace

  • 8900


Fair trade, handmade, artisan jewelry


Our Thinking Behind The Design

This hand crafted silk, pearl and crystal beaded necklace was designed for the sophisticated, swankest of women who go for an elegant yet world travelled look.  Where Africa meets Italy is where the Scarf necklace was born.  The long intricately tied strands of silk are completed with classy fresh water pearls and the posh design leaves you feeling ever so in vogue.  This hand tied necklace was created in such a pattern that it takes the artisan an entire day to produce one single piece. Wear this with when you want a statement necklace with a classic design.



  • Silk Cord
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Crystal Beads
  • Semi-Precious Stones



When to wear this necklace:

  • If you want an elegant, dramatic look
  • If you love cascading pearls
  • You want a medium length necklace 
  • When you wear high cut dresses or strapless dresses with a jacket
  • You want a hand made fashion necklace
  • You prefer medium length.



Top: 18” + 2” extension chain

Bottom: 26”

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