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Minimalist Gemstone Slide Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli

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Fairtrade, handmade

This minimalist gemstone slide bracelet features faceted lapis lazuli faceted gemstones on a gray silk cord. The lapis lazuli gemstone is all about spiritual development. It is one of the most sought after stones since the beginning of mankind due to its beautiful color and its assistance in one's own journey to enlightenment. This dark blue stone is highly desired because of its deep marine color and the tiny flecks of gold within it make it so exotic. Wearing lapis is helpful if you want to discover your authentic self and share it with the world. The lapis meaning helps you tap into your inner wisdom and honor your true self. Wear this blue gemstone when you need a boost of confidence to help you to express your feelings. This lapis gemstone bracelet can help you on your spiritual journey and give you a clearer perspective about your gifts and higher purpose. This gemstone slide bracelet also makes a perfect gift for anyone with a birthday in December. Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for December and because of its dainty appearance, and dark blue color, this is an easy choice.


  • Gemstones
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