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Minimalist Gemstone Slide Bracelet - Amethyst

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Fairtrade, handmade

This is a minimalist bracelet made with faceted amethyst gemstones on a gray silk cord. It features a slide knot to make this bracelet adjustable and easy to put on. This amethyst stone is all about protection from negativity because of its high vibrational frequency. When you wear this amethyst bracelet, you may notice yourself feeling clear and centered. It is said that the amethyst stone expands the mind and enhances one’s psychic abilities as it is associated with the crown chakra. February is the month of the amethyst birthstone. Its purple stone colors are vibrant and alive. This is a perfect layering bracelet. Its dainty size works great with other bracelets. Use the rich purple color in this bracelet when you want a pop of color.


  • Gemstones
  • Cord



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