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Long Life

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Long Life 

Fair trade, handmade, artisan jewelry

Our Thinking Behind The Design

This is a long necklace for women who love the layered jewelry look with a unique, handmade jewelry design.  The mixed media materials make this style playful and creative.  It’s a Boho Chic necklace to use when you are feeling free spirited. Perfect for women who do not want to hassle with clasps, this long chain necklace is a get up and go piece.  



  • Metal Chain
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Semi-Precious Gemstones
  • Glass Beads
  • Metal Beads



When to wear this necklace:

  • You wear a bohemian style that is on trend
  • You want a necklace that can be layered with other smaller chain necklaces
  • You hate dealing with clasps
  • You like long necklaces
  • You are artistic & creative and enjoy a handmade piece that is not over the top. 



Length: 38”

*Can be wrapped 3 times to create a multi layered necklace design

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