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Knotted Necklace - Pyrite

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Fairtrade, handmade

This pyrite necklace is a long knotted necklace that can be used as a short or long choker. A pyrite stone necklace is also known as fool's gold because of its silvery gold metallic color. This also looks like a metallic stone the way it shimmers in the light. But this hand knotted gemstone necklace will come in so handy with your casual wardrobe because it’s neutral color pallet can be worn with anything in the earthy tones: black, dark blue, cream, bronze, white, or teal colors will work perfectly. Just keep your outfit on the darker, more muted tones like leather and jeans with this necklace and you can’t go wrong.


  • Pyrite Gemstone
  • Cotton String


55cm or 21"