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Fair trade, handmade, artisan jewelry

Our Thinking Behind The Design

This is a long necklace for women who love the layered jewelry look with a casual feel.  It is the perfect pearl necklace to use with jeans and boots or jean skirts and a more casual top.  We wanted to design a piece that was sexy-casual.  A trendy handmade necklace style, but with natural materials.  This is a necklace for women who may not wear too much jewelry because they don’t want to hassle with it, or they might feel their style is more casual.  Julia is the perfect get up and go piece.  There are no clasps, so you can throw it over your head, wrap it twice, and out the door.  



  • Silk Cord
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Semi-Precious Gemstones



When to wear this necklace:

  • If you wear lots of jeans / jean skirts and casual tops
  • You want a look that works well with leather boots
  • You hate dealing with clasps
  • You like long necklaces
  • You want a versatile necklace that can be layered
  • You have metal allergies



Length: 38”

*Can be wrapped 3 times to create a multi layered necklace design