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Indian Agate Bracelet with Lotus Flower Charm

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This is an indian agate gemstone bracelet with a lotus flower charm.  The Indian Agate is a flat matte color, so it looks best with natural colors, leather, and jeans.  The green gemstone bracelet is on a stretch cord, making it easy to slide on and adjustable to most sizes.

The lotus flower charm represents the rising up from the dark muddy waters of life into the light of pure potential and beauty.


  • Matte Indian Agate Gemstones
  • Alloy Charm


  • Adjustable

Pairs Great With...

Layer this bracelet with the dark green Minimalist Gemstone Bracelet in Golden Obsidian.  This way you have a statement piece matched with a minimalist piece giving great texture and size contrast, while being in the same color family.

For a totally wild bohemian gemstone necklace, check out the Crystal Quartz Pendant Gemstone Necklace.  This is a handmade necklace with beatiful patina beads and gemstones that would "Match-Not-Match" with this bracelet.

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