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African Turquoise Bead Bracelet with Onyx Teardrop Pendant

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Fairtrade, Handmade

This is an African turquoise beaded bracelet with a faceted teardrop pendant. The healing properties in the onyx gemstone are that they promote strength and confidence for challenging decisions. Black onyx is considered a base chakra healing gemstone, associated with stability and grounding. Meanwhile, turquoise is all about self-realization and becoming more proficient in creative problem-solving. It is the perfect combination. This beaded bracelet is perfect for stacking with other bracelets. The turquoise gemstones and silver beads combine so well with your favorite pair of jeans and cowboy boots.

If you are more a girl of contrasts, I invite you to complement it with the red Sandstone Bracelet 


  • African Turquoise,
  • Black Onyx CZ Faceted Teardrop Pendant
  • Silver Plated Beads


Adjustable - 5.12" + 2.36 Extra Cord


Tie dye  is our art

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