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Aquamarine Teardrop Gemstone Necklace - Inspirational Card

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Aquamarine Teardrop Gemstone Necklace

This dainty teardrop necklace is made with apatite and aquamarine gemstones, on a natural silk cord. It is adjustable to the size of a choker. Perfect for dancing or doing yoga, this teardrop gemstone necklace is so light you won't even know you have it on.

Aquamarine is also the birthstone for anyone born in March. The healing properties in aquamarine reduce stress and clarify perception. The apatite gemstones will aid in communication and self expression, making it the perfect combination to help you relax, see things clearly, and then really be able to express yourself. Wear it alone or combine it with any of these two minimalist bracelets:

Celeste Bracelet

Minimalist Gemstone | Apatite



  • Aquamarine gemstone
  • Apatite gemstone
  • Silver Plated Beads
  • Cream colored silk cord


Adjustable 1" x 22"