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Apatite Gemstone Leather Bracelet

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Handmade, fairtrade


This is a bohemian gemstone leather bracelet. The bracelet has a carefree bohemian look. This unique, artsy bracelet, features beautiful earthy colors, like in the sky, the earth, and the sea. It is made with apatite, serpentine jasper, wood coco, and gold plated and copper beads. The blue apatite gemstone color is vibrant and powerful and matches perfectly with its complementary color of rust.


Autumn colors like olive or golden skin, brown or hazel eyes, with dark brown to light auburn hair.


The healing properties in apatite enhance communication. Serpentine enhances spiritual exploration. Wear this bracelet to be able to communicate what you need both in and out of the bedroom.

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  • Apatite Stone
  • Serpentine Jasper
  • Wood Coco
  • Gold Copper
  • Suede Leather


2.95". Total size 10.62"