Wondering if you should still be wearing tie dye?

See the New Tie Dye of 2020 

Now more than ever, tie dye clothing and accessories are everywhere!  From high end stores to hippy festivals, the tie dye craze is taking its seat at the fashion table.  According to Insider Magazine tie dye seems to be one of the biggest fashion trends of the year.

Tie dye is the new print. 

According to Forbes magazine, "While it’s by-and-large still just a pattern, quality tie-dye jobs are already starting to shine through as top choices amongst consumers.”  For people who lean towards a handmade, one-of-a-kind look, the tie dye is perfect because of the unlimited combinations of colors, patterns and designs. 

Now the most creative designers are stepping up their game and are creating tie dye fashion like we have never seen before.  What is changing now, is the sophistication of colors and the artistic patterns.  

How to choose a tie dye that stands out from the rest.

What really elevates an outfit with tie dye is the way the tie dye pattern is designed. My recommendation is to look at tie dye like you would a painting.  You want a main color or two, with a slight accent color.  Look for bold new ways that lines, splashes, and marks can be redefined.

The New Tie Dye of 2020

Sure you can find the ice cream sherbert colored swirled sweatshirt anywhere, but what you want, is to look for patterns that make a statement.  You want to find tie dye that looks like art with edgy color combinations like rust, steel gray and a touch of black.  This combination, when done properly, should make you stop and do a double take.  That's the kind of tie dye that takes you to another level.

Use your creativity and let yourself delve into the world of tie dye.  Try wearing a long solid color dress with just a touch of color like this one, 

 White and black tie dye dress

Or pair with leather boots and a baggy sweater with a long skirt like this one. 

Use tie dye to create your personal style image.  Look for patterns and colors that reflect your personality, then let it shine through with that style.

“Whether you think tie-dye is totally rad or totally not your style, the psychedelic print from the '60s is back in a major way. It's become a hot quarantine fashion trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.” The Today Show

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