Have You Jumped off the Conventional Life Cliff?


Jumping off a cliff

It can be scary to live differently, but the reward is freedom... 

and freedom is everything.  

When I jumped off the cliff and into an unconventional life, it was out of rebellion not passion. 

I was 30, and had been sent home from my job as a family therapist for wearing a low-cut blouse.

I rebelled. Not only did I go home that day, I quit and moved to Thailand for a year with my partner.  Living abroad showed me that I was not cut out for a “normal” job or even a “normal life.”

Have you ever felt like that? Like your life was not meant to look like everyone else's? Like you just had to do it your own way, even if that was a far jump from the norm?

The unconventional way is the creative way.

Since my days in middle school, when I was wearing men’s suit vests from goodwill, airbrushed clown shoes I’d found in Key West, and wore my hair feathered, I’ve always been an odd one.  Can you relate?  All that “unique” style ;-) was brought into the business, and it became Filosophy.

My designs are an expression of my vibrant personality. My business is calling from the free spirit inside me who wanted to write her own story.

We create for women who love fabulous bohemian vibes that combine earthy gemstones and leather and for the wildly active women who thinks that less is more. We design for the artist who loves a special detail on a pair of pants that gives her a sense of play.  We make the pieces that will catch your eye and get you excited.

Everything here is unique.  

Filosophy’s clothes and jewelry will show the world the inner you: the goddess, the dreamer, the adventurer, the artist, the woman who knows what she wants.

Then you can take it from there!



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