What It's Really Like To Be a Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Design

Designing Filosophy Jewelry in Thailand Market 

I would love to tell you that traveling to Thailand and designing jewelry there is super sexy.  That I have a big design studio to create walls of treasures with all my ideas, but the truth is, that when I arrive in Bangkok, it's not sexy at all.  I work in a tiny little cramped space, reviewing sample after sample,  of all the designs that my artisans have created. 

It’s only after months of sharing concepts, and ideas back and forth, that the artisans come up with a smorgasbord of choices for me to pick.  That’s when my job begins!  I need to transform their ideas into jewelry you would love to wear; changing this and tweaking that, to get it just right.  I need the designs to be unique and communicate a natural vibe, with a subtle, yet creative feel to them. I am looking for that “look” that stands out from the rest, yet falls perfectly in trend with what we are doing these days in our bohemian, Colorado, festival world. 

This day was full on, all day in the 95 degree heat with 100 % humidity.  Very quickly I am trying to decide which styles stay and which ones go.  Since color is my absolute passion, I have a hard time saying no to any great style when the right colors are combined to  delight my sense of art. When I nail a new collection, I burst with excitement, knowing that when you come to see me next summer, these pieces that I’m designing now, will blow you away as well.


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