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Finding unique handmade jewellery

Posted by Katie Moore on

Finding unique handmade jewellery that is ethically sourced, creatively designed and enthusiastically delivered, can be a challenge.

Its usually only at festivals, after the music has excited you and the wine has relaxed you, that you discover such incredible creations that you feel so motivated to bring one home to your best friend.
I mean come on…if you have ever found yourself looking for something different…something that you don’t see on every neck walking down the street, something that is unique to you, then its usually handmade, but most often outrageously priced.  
Buying handmade jewelry is not often something that is very affordable these days.  As our time becomes more and more valuable, the price for handmade, artisan designed products, often exceeds the limits of our budget.  But it doesn’t have to...
Why I pride myself so much on what I do and what I sell is because I think I have found the best combination to serve you.  Its a combo of a unique handmade products that are ethically sourced, fairly traded, and delivered with an undeniably tailored approach.  
What this means for you is that I spend months and months each year roaming the globe to find products that jump out at me for one reason or another.  Maybe its the color patterns or the process by which it is made.  Maybe its the style or a unique twist I haven’t seen before that attract me.  But when I find an artisan that can create something different…something special, I jump on it!  
This is when my heart beats fast and I get really excited...
Its with these special artisans that I am able to take their skills, their styles, and their unique creations one step further and morph their work with mine.  We sit together, sometimes for days and we draw out ideas and create samples to make something totally unique for you!
Like this when I sat for three days on the tile floor with Gusti and his brother to make the most amazing copper cuffs, and hammered, rustic jewelry ever!

But I don’t stop there.  If you have ever met me in a festival, then you know I am crazy good at picking the perfect piece for you.  I have a gift of color and I guess energy because my goal, every single time you come to my booth, is to find the absolute perfect piece that matches your colors and your style.  
The reason I am able to do this is because I buy very small quantities, (sometimes only 1 or 2) but a huge variety of styles so that I am able to have the perfect piece uniquely made for you!  Test me if you want to…go to the website and look at the different products.  All the new stuff is displayed first.  You will see that even though season hasn’t even begun, and my merchandise hasn’t even arrived yet, that many many products say, “Only 2 left!” thats because I only ever had two made!  I do this so that you really do get a totally unique product that you know was made just for you.  My motto is every piece has its owner.   I try to make sure I find your perfect piece.  And, because our products are purchased directly from the artisans who make them, the price is always very fair.  Fair for you…fair for the artisan.  I like that… don’t you?
See you soon…Our first show is SPRING FEST on April 30th and May 1st  on Pearl Street in Boulder.  Stay tuned for more details.
Katie Moore
Owner, designer, entrepreneur extraordinaire!  LOL

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